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Linda Rombach Personalized Cleaning, LLC, is proud to be the top-rated local cleaning service near St. Charles, MO. Book a cleaning today to see for yourself why customers LOVE our cleaning services!

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 Meet the owner

I founded Linda Rombach Personalized Cleaning in 1999, after growing tired of working late hours at my job in a print shop. My brother-in-law was cleaning houses at the time; and so I spoke with him to get some information and also used my degree in Journalism to research cleaning products and homeowner wishes in my Weldon Spring neighborhood. The immediate and obvious lesson I learned was that housecleaning only requires two simple commitments: showing up, and doing a great job. As I started hiring cleaners and as my company quickly grew, this simple goal remained my focus.

When it came to naming the company, it was important to me to use my own name, since I wanted to personally stand behind everything that was done. Equally important was that the service was personalized to customer wishes: it never made sense to me that when customers would request something completely reasonable such as cleaning baseboards throughout, that a service would tell them that they could only clean part of them.

In 2011, we were thrilled to win the Better Business Bureau Torch Award, especially when we found out that we were the first housecleaning service in the Greater St. Louis Area to receive that award. We have also have received the Angi Super Service Award every year since 2010.

My name is now Linda Rabenberg due to marriage; but I'm the same Linda who founded the company back in a time when there were only a few housecleaning services in St. Charles County. Over the years with all the big franchises moving in, my company has remained a 100% local small business.

I still work full-time in my business, handling most of the sales, because I love being able to explain our service to new customers and see how we can best help them. And I love to speak with our current customers as well - you can always ask for me!

I am extremely proud of my dedicated, brilliant office staff, and of my hardworking personalized cleaners who truly go above and beyond for our customers. I'm delighted to still have several original customers with me since my first year in business. And I'm honored to be a part of Cleaning For A Reason, through which we provide free housecleaning to women with cancer.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am, to do what I love; and I am truly grateful to my team and to my customers.

Linda (Rombach) Rabenberg


Our promise to You ...

Is to provide a dependable, personalized service that you LOVE!

We believe that housecleaning is best approached as a personalized endeavor. Our cleaners understand your priorities and value your space.

Before your first cleaning, we ask you about your cleaning preferences — items and rooms to be cleaned, products to be used, methods of cleaning you may prefer. Then, as your regular cleaner becomes familiar with your home, she will learn more of your personalized preferences e.g., do you want the toothpaste put away or left out, do you appreciate a note being left, do you want the dog kenneled up if you forgot, etc.

All of our employees have passed background checks and are bonded and insured (worker's compensation insurance and liability insurance). We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

As part of our Quality Assurance Program, we provide inspections with one of our Inspectors, both as needed and randomly. Additionally, we are happy to switch you to a new regular cleaner if needed or requested, in the case that the cleaner assigned to you isn't fully meeting your needs.

This is why most callers choose us. We aim to have one person in charge of cleaning your house (two people if you have a large house). This person will be your regular cleaner and will show up on your regularly scheduled days, at the regularly scheduled time. If your regular cleaner cannot make it, we try to have another person who can fill in so you don’t have to miss a cleaning.

We started in St. Charles and West St. Louis counties in 1999, and are familiar with the styles of homes here. Many of these homes are newer with delicate surfaces. Cleaning these surfaces requires a much gentler touch than do the surfaces in older homes! Therefore, we never use abrasive cleaning products on your delicate surfaces. We are prepared to deal with hard water issues, new carpet issues, real marble issues, and little red ladybug issues. We know your home!

We are in frequent contact with our customers by phone, checking to make sure they are pleased with everything — the quality, the cleaner, the scheduling, and any deep cleaning issues that need to be addressed.

We encourage customers to call with feedback as well. Sometimes, your regular cleaner tries very hard to clean the way you want, but in fact, you want something different. Your cleaner won’t know unless you tell us or her, so please do let one of us know!

Our guarantee is simple: we guarantee that you will be happy. If you are not happy with the cleaning, we will reclean for you, even if you call outside of the 24-hour window that most other cleaning companies require. If a reclean doesn't work in your schedule, we will offer you a credit to your account. We know you’re too busy to call for no good reason! We believe that great customer service is our most important task and privilege.

As far as rescheduling goes, we try to be flexible. We do ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you must move or cancel your scheduled cleaning, so we have time to rearrange our schedule. We will do our best to move you to a day that works better for you. 

Join The Linda Rombach Personalized Cleaning, LLC, Team!

We're on the lookout for professional house cleaners to join our dedicated team in St. Charles, MO, and surrounding areas. If you have an eye for detail, a passion for cleanliness, and take pride in your work, you might be the perfect fit for our local cleaning service!

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